Apollo E Cigar Review

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Apollo E Cigar can give you 1500 puffs, smooth Cuban tobacco flavor, and a huge 1300maH battery that help put this on our list of best e-cigars. Keep in mind, that you can't recharge this device nor refill it or reuse it. But if you’re looking for a disposable e-cig that emulates a premium tobacco cigarette yet very easy-to-use, this is for you. Perfect for that next poker game!

Apollo E Cigar Background

Sometimes vape pens feel too small for people who enjoy cigars. For the bigger folk out there who are occasional cigar smokers, Apollo designed the perfect device for you. It’s our first time to review an e-cig from Apollo so we are honestly pretty excited to get to take a look at this one.

Apollo E Cigar Review
Apollo E Cigar offers a super enjoyable vape to any beginning vaper with similar in look and size to traditional cigarettes

Apollo E Cigar Design

Designed and developed in Apollo Labs, the Apollo E-Cigar ($14.95 from Apollo Cigs) is a little larger than most e-cigs and is weighted to approximate the weight of a fine, hand-rolled cigar.

The battery that comes installed in this disposable e-cigar is 1300mAh which is good for up to 1500 puffs. Remember with this being a disposable unit, you simply throw it away when you’re finished with it. You don’t need to refill it or recharge it in any way. You just use it until it either runs out of liquid or battery life and then you buy a new one.

Fortunately, you can buy the Apollo E-Cigar at a pretty cheap price – so if this ends up being a product that you like, you can save a lot of money by purchasing more than one at a time.

All in all, for its design and material used, this unit looks and feels nice. Even smells realistic. At first glance, it felt pretty life-like – but upon close inspection, you can tell it’s not real.

Designed and developed in Apollo Labs, Apollo E Cigar is inspired by a premium hand-rolled cigar.

Apollo E Cigar Performance and Vapor Quality

If you’re a real cigar enthusiast, then you’re probably going to be impressed with this device. The flavor is truly extraordinary in how realistic it tastes. I can’t really stress this enough!

For its battery life, it depends on your preference. If it lasts long enough for you, that’s fine. If not, you’d have to get away from the cigarette lookalike and get something a little bigger, check out my best vape mods.

As far as the airflow is concerned, this E-Cigar pretty much behaves like the real thing. We didn’t feel like there were really any problems in this area at all.

Apollo E Cigar is a disposable unit that features Auto draw function. The airflow behaves like a real cigar.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a solid-built e-cigar, Apollo E-Cigar makes this an easy choice. It meets every standard you could want in a quality electronic cigar, and it ranks among the best ones I’ve ever used.

Thanks to the bold, flavorful throat hit and powerful battery, the Apollo is the ideal e-cigar for anyone who enjoys an occasional cigar, or even for e-cig users who just want a different experience. The device features a bold Cuban flavor and gives you more than 1,500 puffs, which can easily last a good weekend. Apollo is famous for their quality e-cig starter kits, and now the same can be said about their e-cigars.

The only drawback I can say about this device is that you can’t recharge it or refill it and use it again. But if you’re looking for a disposable e-cig that emulates a premium tobacco cigarette yet very easy-to-use, this is not much of a big deal.

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