AirVape XS Review

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AirVape XS Review

8.8 Total Score
AirVape XS Review Bottom Line

The AirVape XS is slim, thin and light-weight dry herb vaporizer. It features digital temperature control, ceramic chamber, glass mouthpiece and comes in an extremely small and attractive design for discreet and stealth vaping. You will be satisfied with its performance especially compared to other vapes in this price range.

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In-Depth AirVape XS Review:

The AirVape XS is the industries new sleek and sturdy designed dry herb vaporizer. The build quality is incredible and the battery life is significantly greater than the majority of portable vaporizers. This handheld device is impressively slim and fits into your pocket like a charm.

Construct Layout & Quality

AirVape XS build

I was actually impressed with the construction of AirVape XS. It’s an extremely tough alloy casing, not plastic, and it definitely looks and feels long-lasting and more refined.
The form factor is really quite amazing, it’s small & light-weight design makes it suitable and easy to hold. The chamber is small to mid-size, only .3g in capacity about half the size of the chamber of Pax 2.
Overall, the weight, the size, and the shape are appropriate in line with what I look for in an excellent vaporizer that is portable.

Easy Use

This AirVape XS isn’t complicated in any way, and vapes which are simple to use actually make the entire experience more pleasurable, beginners will get great results immediately.

  1. The glass mouthpiece on top pulls easily from the oven chamber for dry herbs.
  2. Just pack the chamber full with ground dry herb, tamp it down, then push back the mouthpiece in and turn ON the unit by rapidly pressing the button 3 times.
  3. Adjust and set your preferred temperature by pressing the up and down arrows. For me, begin at about 355°F and work your way up from there if you need more vapor.
  4. To start pre heating, press the button for half a second then release to start heating. Once the unit heats up, which only takes around 20 seconds or less, start taking draws from it and the session will last about 10 minutes with 3 or 5 mins auto shut-off.

Performance & Vapor Quality

airvape-xsThe AirVape XS has a ceramic oven that is not the same from another vaporizer as well as from the first version of it, the AirVape. Not only it delivers even heating of your herbs but also helps the flavor clean and pleasant.
The mouthpiece has a cool screen system that prevents the vapor going directly from your mouth. It channels the vapor through a specific path before entering to your mouth.
This keeps the vapor more comfortable and cooler and makes a large difference in comparison to a more affordable vaporizer that doesn’t have this built-in feature.

The vapor production is really great, I was surprised, it undoubtedly performs a lot better compared to original AirVape.
Setting the temperature low will give you smoother vapor and a better taste but you won’t get quite as much vapor. If you’re into big clouds, you’ll need to set the heat at or above roughly 380°F, but the biggest CON that every common vaporizer have when raising the temp is the smoothness. Which I normally don’t recommend vaping.

Vibrates when Ready & Auto Shutoff Timer

AirVape XS Box

Although, it’s not the only vaporizer that does vibrate when ready to vape. I believe it does make the vaping experience a little better. You’ll feel the vape vibrate when you first turn it ON, and when the unit shuts off after the timer. You also feel the vibration when it reaches the set temperature.

Another feature of this vape is its automatic shut-off timer – every time you turn the vape ON there is a countdown timer on the screen that starts at 3 minutes. Actually, you can adjust it from 3 to 5 mins, and you can do this by pressing the up & down button until it changes.

Final Thoughts

It’s small, light-weight and good looking, above all it’s super-efficient and it heats up super-fast. If you’re looking for a good portable and you like the design of this one I think you’ll be very satisfied with its performance. At its price tag, its above average compared to other vapes in this price range, and I’m really impressed with how many improvements they were able to make with this new version.

Where to buy the AirVape XS?

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AirVape XS Vaporizer

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