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At TheVape.Guide, we have one goal: to bring our readers the best vaporizer reviews on the internet. We love vaporizers and vaping culture so much that we want to share it with our readers by providing unbiased reviews on the coolest, most current products–and the occasional dud as well.

Since we consider vaping a hobby – rather than a business – you know that whatever you read on TheVape.Guide is based on our actual experience with and opinions about the different products we feature. We know we are lucky to be able to do what we love for work, and for that reason, we are motivated to share the experiences and insights about the products that we get to try.

Numerical Rating Process

We use a simple, 1-10 rating scale so it is easy to discern our overall opinion of a product. We know you cannot possibly read every single review (even though you want to!), so our rating system gives a quick summary of the quality of each device. We encourage readers to check the full review if they want all the details, specs, and how-to for any given product.

High or low ratings indicate our personal, expert opinions and we are reasonably confident that our readers will share our experience.

Our rating process is intended to give our readers a clear and concise, expert opinion on the functionality, efficiency, and performance of the vaporizers on today’s market.

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Our Review Process

We review all vaporizer types and accessories. Each type of vaporizer has a different use and functionality and we take that into account in our reviews. If two or more products are similar enough, then we will provide a comparison between them in each review for your convenience.

No matter the type (dry herb vaporizer, concentrate vaporizer or e-liquid vaporizer), we rate vaporizers using the following criteria:

  • Brand and Manufacturer: information about the brand and its manufacturing specificities.
  • Packaging and accessories: quality and type of included accessories.
  • Portability: size and shape of the vaporizer and how it fits into the hand.
  • Design: the overall aesthetic aspect of the vaporizer.
  • Feature list:  attributes, characteristics, features, etc. that make the vaporizer stand out from the crowd.
  • Oven type and capacity: the amount of herb the oven holds + build material.
  • Interface simplicity: ease of use and simplicity or complexity of the vaporizer.
  • Vapor quality and draw resistance: refers to the purity and flavor of the vapor produced by the unit.
  • Warranty information: length of the manufacturer’s warranty.

TheVape.Guide features the most thorough, in-depth reviews available

TheVape.Guide has one goal: to give our readers awesome vaporizer reviews.

We will help you make the best choice based on your individual vaping needs.


Arizer Solo 2 Review

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