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When you visit TheVape.Guide, we know you expect the best vaporizer reviews available and we are happy to provide them for you. We believe in honesty, openness, and transparency when it comes to our readers, and in that vein, we think it is important that you know and understand the process we use to review vaporizers and vaping related products.

First of all, our readers should know that each of our staff have years of experience using vaporizers, practically from the time when vaporizers first emerged on the market, well before vaping achieved the popularity and acceptance it has now. Our staff has kept up with the changes in the industry and have used every type of vaporizer that has entered the marketplace since the inception of the industry.

That means our staff have used hundreds of vaporizers over the years, so our readers know that when we rate and review a vaporizer, it is based on expert, personal experience. When writing said reviews, we strive for clarity, articulation, and detail in order to pass our years of knowledge and experience onto our readers.

Numerical Rating Process

We use a simple to understand, 1-10 rating scale because it is easy to recognize the value in the product with little thought. We know that our readers do not have the time to read every single review in a category, so a numerical rating gives a quick summary of the quality of a product. We encourage readers to check the full written review if they want all the details, specifications, and instructions for any given product.

You may notice that we use decimal points in our numerical ratings – to give readers an idea of how meticulous we are in our reviews. There might not seem to be much of a difference between a decimal point or two, and for most people that will be the case. High ratings indicate our personal, expert opinions and we are reasonably confident that our readers will share our experience.

Our rating process is intended to give our readers a clear and concise, expert opinion on the functionality, efficiency, and performance of the vaporizers on today’s market.

When testing vaporizers, we consider several factors – and average them into that one easy-to-understand number. While some vapes may score higher or lower in certain categories, the final ranking reflects price-to-performance value. The final score also reflects how likely we believe that most people will be satisfied with that vape.

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Our Review Process

We review a variety of vaporizer types and the accessories with which they are used. Each type of vaporizer has a different use and functionality and we take that into account in our reviews. If two or more products are similar enough then we will provide a comparison between them in each review – or in a subsequent article – for your convenience. For further clarification, it is better if we explain what we look for and take into consideration with each type of vaporizer.

Dry herb vaporizers

These types of vaporizers are generally meant to be portable and easy to use. Some are compatible with wax or concentrate and we mention that in our summaries and in our full reviews. We rate dry herb vaporizers using the following criteria:

  • Packaging and accessories – we check the quality of the package to make sure that the vaporizer is safely ensconced and easy to access. We check the quality and type of included accessories to ensure that they are effective and that the user does not have to buy anything that the manufacturer should have included. We also examine the instruction manual to see if it is detailed and easy to understand. Of course, we personally test and experiment with each product to see that the device itself and all of the components are fulfill their intended roles – and at what level.
  • Portability – Since dry herb vaporizers are meant to be carried around, we take into account the size and shape of the vaporizer and how it fits into the hand as well as a pocket or purse. We also examine factors like build quality; the battery’s longevity and charging speed; how quickly the vaporizer heats up; degree of temperature control; how easy it is to load; how easy it is to use.
  • Feature list – This refers to any attributes, characteristics, features, etc. that make the vaporizer stand out from the crowd – setting it apart from the competition. This can include things like special temperature indicators, filtration systems, or smartphone apps and Bluetooth capability that enable advanced customization. If there is something that makes a vaporizer unique then we will test its efficacy and functionality to see if it is useful or if it is a pointless adornment.
  • Oven type and capacity – We check how much herb can be held in the oven as well as the material it is made from. The size of the oven not only affects the amount of herb that can be used but how well the herb is being heated. Ovens can be made from ceramic, stainless steel, glass, or plastic; in our reviews, we tell you how each type of material affects the vapor you get from the unit.
  • Vapor quality and draw resistance – Vapor quality refers to the purity and flavor of the vapor produced by the unit. We examine whether any aspects of the unit, such as oven material or heating method affects the quality of the vapor. Draw resistance refers to how hard the user needs to inhale to ingest the vapor produced by the unit. Minimal draw resistance is always desired and we will inform you if the vaporizer provides that quality.
  • Warranty information – We inform our readers of the length of the manufacturer’s warranty for each unit, and provide any personal experiences that we have dealing with the company’s customer service. We only promote brands and affiliates stores in which customer service is of the utmost importance, and the company has proven that they are eager to fulfill their warranty agreements.

TheVape.Guide aims to provide thorough, unbiased reviews to help you make the best choice based on your individual vaping needs.

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Concentrate vaporizers

There are two methods of vaping using concentrate: vape pens and e-Nails. They are each meant for different types of users – vape pens being small, portable, and meant for use on the go. e-Nails are larger and are usually meant for use at home. At we take the differences into account and review each type of vaporizer using different criteria.

For vape pens we look for:

  • Simplicity – Vape pens are meant to be simple and easy to use, so we check to see how easy each pen is put together, taken apart, and cleaned. Some pens feature components that are screwed together while others have magnetically connected components; in either case, we review the convenience and durability of the connections.
  • Design – This is not just about the style and look of each pen, it is also about the ergonomics of the device. We consider how well the vape pen fits into the user’s hand and how comfortable the mouthpiece feels when vaping.
  • Atomizer – The atomizer heats up the concentrate and can come in different types of materials, each of which affects the vaping experience in different ways. We provide detailed explanations of how the type of atomizer affects the vapor of each vape pen. Some pens come with multiple different atomizers and in those cases, our testers examine each atomizer many times before informing readers of how they affect the vaping experience.
  • Vapor quality – As stated above, the atomizer material can affect the quality of the vapor produced and we will explain which vape pens produce the best flavor.
  • Special features – If a vape pen has unique features like special temperature controls or indicators then we will let you know if they are truly effective or if they are relatively useless.
  • Battery – We examine the battery life, charge time, and charging method of the vape pen. Bad battery = bad experience!

With e-Nails, these are the qualities we examine:

  • Design – We examine the ease or difficulty of assembling the e-nail, how it looks, and how it feels when in use.
  • Accessories and attachments – Many e-nails require the use of attachments such as vape mods, 510 tanks, or water filtration systems. We test the efficacy, convenience, and ease of use of each attachment.
  • Nail type – Much like the atomizers of vape pens, the nails of e-nails come in a variety of materials that affect the quality of the vaping experience. We thoroughly test each nail type to give you a well-informed opinion of the vapor it produces.
  • Vapor quality –  We check the fullness and strength of the vapor produced by the e-nail.
  • Battery – We check the charge time, charging method, and longevity of the battery.

e-Liquid vaporizers

Since this section covers a large variety of devices, some of which are meant to be used together, we will just give you a quick overview of the thorough review process we use for each device.

  • Vape mods – We test their e-liquid capacity, overall design, firing mechanism, battery life, and any notable features. If they are compatible with 510 tanks then we will inform readers of that as well.
  • E-liquids – We tell readers about the strength and flavor of each e-liquid and whether it uses a VG (vegetable glycerin) or PG (propylene glycol) base to produce its flavor.
  • E-cigarettes – We test their design and functionality, the number of cartridges included, special features, ease of use, and battery life.
  • 510 tanks – These come in the categories of MTL clearomizers, sub-ohm tanks, RDTA’s (rebuildable drip tank atomizers) and RTA’s (rebuildable tank atomizers). We review the tank’s capacity, the type and effectiveness of the coils, and the quality of airflow produced by the tank. We also take a close look at the ease of use of each tank.

TheVape.Guide features the most thorough, in-depth reviews available

We started with the aim of providing readers with the best vaporizer reviews around; we believe we have succeeded in achieving that goal. Consistently high quality and constant improvement are what we strive to achieve because it is what our readers expect and what they deserve.

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