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SideKick Vaporizer Review

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The SideKick vaporizer by 7th Floor is sleek and elegant on the outside and full of innovation on the inside. It comes with the “stir while you vape” function that allows you to maintain the same great quality of the vapor throughout your session. Combine that with the vortex cooling system and the Vapor quality is insane on this Vape.

Recommended store: Buy directly from 7th Floor.

In-Depth 7th Floor SideKick Review:

7th Floor SideKick Design

On the outside, it is the sleek and elegant design of the SideKick that is its forte. The design is not only compact but also manages to successfully incorporate all the functionalities quite aesthetically. The outer form is a rich mix of curves and straight lines. The rechargeable battery can be fixed and removed quite easily; thanks to the simple design.

The temperature control buttons have can be accessed with ease even while the user is vaping with the device. The ceramic heating chamber is given at the bottom of the vaporizer and can easily be loaded with the tool that comes with the kit. Though the design is quite sleek and the bright colors offers a lot of appeal to the SideKick, the vaporizer inspires a lot of confidence in the user. While the anodized aluminum cover makes it a sturdy vaping device, the American hand-blown glass mouthpiece gives a touch of class to the SideKick.

Sidekick VapeUsing SideKick Vaporizer

In terms of usage, the SideKick offers a lot of convenience to the user. Whether it is loading the oven or charging the battery every action can be performed with utmost ease. As the vaporizer is compatible with both dry herbs as well as oily concentrates, the manufacturer has used a ceramic heating oven for maximum efficiency. The loading tool comes in handy while filling the oven with oil concentrates.

The temperature control buttons are amply spaced for easy usage. All the controls and the LED display screen are given on the same side of the vaporizer. This arrangement allows the user to choose their preferred settings with ease.

SideKick Vaporizer Vaping Experience

I found the vapor produced by the SideKick to be rich in taste, but to reach the flavor quality you may have to take a few tasteless draws. Though the device reaches the set temperature quite quickly, the vapor starts building up only after a few draws. Once the vapor starts coming out of the device, it does not lose the taste till the end of the session.

Whenever I lost a little bit of taste, I simply stirred the SideKick a bit and it started giving the same rich flavor. This is quite an achievement for a vaporizer of this size. I did not find any difference in the quality of vapor even while using the oil concentrates. This is one vaporizer that is equally good for dry herbs and waxes. You may have to try a few combinations and permutations in the temperature settings to reach your kind of vapor production. Once you have found your ideal heating level, vaping with the SideKick is an absolute delight.

Another feature worth mentioning is the vortex cooling chamber of the SideKick; it keeps the vapor produced cool and smooth throughout the vaping session.

SideKick Vaporizer Battery

The rechargeable battery of the SideKick is a consistent performer. I did not face any issues with this battery even when a session got extended to more than an hour.  However, I do feel that the battery could have been a bit stronger for such a versatile vaping device.

Where to buy the SideKick online?

7th Floor is the Manufacturer of the SideKick. Buying directly from the manufacturer’s website is the safest options in terms of warranty and services.

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