7th Floor ELEV8 Review: A Glass Vaporizer for Beginners and Experts

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The 7th Floor ELEV8 is a glass vaporizer with features that you won’t find on regular vaporizers. Like the ability to vape herbs and wax separately or simultaneously or that it can function as a dab rig accessory. These features make it great for bold beginners or experimental experts. If you fall into either category then the ELEV8 could be for you!

7th Floor ELEV8 Background

Are you ready to try a glass vaporizer pipe? After reading my 7th Floor ELEV8 review, you might be. The 7th Floor ELEV8 ($99.99 directly from 7th Floor Vapes) is a glass vaporizer, meaning that it uses a blowtorch for heating instead of an internal heating system like most Dry Herb Vaporizers.

This might sound intimidating but it’s pretty easy to use. Also, it can vape herbs and concentrates. AT THE SAME TIME. Or separately. You can attach it to dab rigs as well so expert dabbers can enjoy this as much as beginners. Keep reading for more details about the 7th Floor ELEV8.

7th Floor ELEV8 Kit

  • Vape wand
  • Concentrate + dry herb heater
  • 14mm + 19mm rig attachments
  • Ceramic flavor disc
  • Dab tool
  • Sick clip

The vape wand is where you heat up the herb and/or wax and then inhale the vapor, more details later. The SLX is perfect for grinding down the herb to a fineness that works great for any type of vaporizer.

7th Floor ELEV8 kit
Top to bottom: Ceramic flavor disc, 14mm attachment, vape wand w/ heater attached, dab tool.

Key Features of the 7th Floor ELEV8

  • Compatible with herbs + THC concentrates
  • Can be connected to larger dab rigs via included attachments
  • Ceramic flavor discs + all glass airpath keeps vapor pure
  • Retails for $99.99 directly from 7th Floor Vapes
7th Floor ELEV8 14mm adapter
The 14mm adapter can be attached to the downstems of larger dab rigs.

7th Floor ELEV8 Design

The ELEV8 has features that all vapers can appreciate. The sick clip keeps the heater attached to the wand so you can vape from any angle without the heater falling off. It also acts as a kickstand that keeps the wand from rolling around and the hot end from contacting any surface.

The ELEV8 is more low maintenance than most vaporizers, there’s no worry about battery charging and cleaning is easy, especially if you use the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit. You only have to worry about refilling the blowtorch but butane torch refills are inexpensive.

Attaching it to a dab rig is a one-step process so whether you use this glass vape by itself or as a dab rig accessory, you’ll always get started quickly.

7th Floor ELEV8 heater
The heater provides pure convection heating for herbs or concentrates.

How to Use the 7th Floor ELEV8

First, you’ll need a blowtorch like the Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch for your heat source before taking the following steps:

By Itself

  1. Put one of the ceramic flavor discs in the wand’s cup then place your herb/wax on top of it.
  2. Place the heater on the cup.
  3. Firmly attach sick clip to the wand and the heater.
  4. Use blowtorch on the heater for roughly 45 seconds.
  5. Inhale from the slim end of the wand.

As a Dab Rig Attachment

  1. Place the ceramic disc in the appropriate attachment then connect it to the rig’s downstem.
  2. Put your herb/wax on the disc then place the heater over the attachment.
  3. Follow step 4 above then inhale from the rig’s mouthpiece.
7th Floor ELEV8 ceramic flavor disc
The ceramic flavor disc keeps the flavor of the herbs and/or concentrates pure.

7th Floor ELEV8 Performance and Vapor Quality

Using wax or dry herb, the ELEV8 will get you super-high super-fast. I tried each substance separately and then braced myself as I tried them simultaneously. It was a unique experience, with an interesting flavor and a potent high.

You can vary the amount of herb and wax for some interesting experimentation or you can just use them separately. Using the ELEV8 as a dab rig accessory works great since the water helps cool down the vapor.

7th Floor ELEV8 vape wand
The borosilicate glass of the vape wand keeps the vapor pure.

7th Floor ELEV8 Review: Final Thoughts

The 7th Floor ELEV8 ($99.99 directly from 7th Floor Vapes) is a glass vaporizer that will get you high expediently. Plus it functions as a dab rig accessory and can vape herbs and wax. AT THE SAME TIME. Not even the Best Vape Pens can do that. If you’re new to the world of glass vaporizers or you’re an experienced dab rig user, there’s a lot to like about the ELEV8. Thanks for reading my 7th Floor ELEV8 review, this was a fun one.

Where to buy the 7th Floor ELEV8?

7th Floor ELEV8

The ELEV8 is a versatile glass vaporizer that uses herbs and concentrates separately or simultaneously


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