7 Ways to Clean Your Wax Vaporizer

So you’ve bought one of the Best Vape Pens on the market and a few weeks later you notice that the experience isn’t the same anymore. Your vaporizer pen is giving you stale or funky tasting hits and looks nasty when you open it up. If this happens then it’s time for a deep clean, you can get a set of cleaning tools from Amazon to help you. If you need more help then here are some tips to keep your vape pen as clean as the day you opened the package.

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1. The Alcohol Soak

Deep cleaning is vital when your atomizer’s wax has blackened to a crisp. If your vape pen has a ceramic coil, you can soak it in alcohol. You can soak other types of atomizers as well provided you dry them out thoroughly before vaping again. Soak the atomizer in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes; this will saturate the wax and break it down as you wipe it later.

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All coil types benefit from a thorough soaking in alcohol.

2. Cotton Swab Mop Down

Dip a q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and give the coil a quick rub down after each session. This works well when done regularly because it prevents wax from building up and hardening. This method is great for vape pens that have a removable ceramic coil like the Atmos Kiln RA Kit.

Regular cleaning of your vape pen's coil prevents wax build up.

3. Paperclip Improv

If you don’t have a dedicated dab tool handy then you can get creative with everyday items. I found that paperclips work pretty well for clearing out air holes and other small crevices. They’re especially effective when dipped in rubbing alcohol first. Just be careful not to poke too hard and damage your atomizer.

KandyPens Ice Cream Man-7
The air holes of your vape pen should be cleaned regularly.

4. Blow Into the Mouthpiece

Blow into the wax vape’s airhole. This is effective if the air hole gets clogged up because of an overloaded atomizer. Blow hard through the vape’s mouthpiece after the atomizer has cooled off. Reversing the direction of the air flow in the vape pen will help push out any debris clogging the air holes. This simple but effective method works well on vape pens like the KandyPens Galaxy.

Blowing into the mouthpiece can help to remove excess debris.

5. Clean your Connections

Keep your wax pen trouble free by keeping the connections between the atomizer and its battery clear. Use a piece of lint-free cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe the threading and connection. Make sure scraps don’t get stuck on the threading, this could interrupt the electrical connection and create fire hazards. Dry out the connection completely before reconnecting and vaping.

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Keep your vape pen's threading clean to optimize its performance.

6. Burn off the Leftover Wax

One time-tested method for atomizer cleaning is the burn off. After taking a hit, hold the atomizer’s power button and wait for the coil to glow for 15 seconds. This burns off excess wax and prevents it from hardening on the coil or in the airpath. This technique is perfect for the KandyPens PRISM, just select the highest temperature when you’re done.

KandyPens Prism vaporizer review
Keep your atomizer clean by burning off the excess wax.

7. Use Coil-less Atomizers

One of the best ways to avoid the hassles of cleaning is to get an atomizer that’s easy to clean. In other words, an atomizer without a coil fits the bill. Unscrew the atomizer from the rest of the device, soak it in alcohol or wipe it using a q-tip dipped in alcohol and the job’s done.

Source slim 4 review-5
Coil-less atomizers are among the easiest atomizers to clean.

Final Thoughts

Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your atomizer. That’s why doing it daily helps you avoid more time consuming and tedious clean up jobs. The more you procrastinate, the more wax builds up and ultimately damages your device.

Running periodical burn offs is, therefore, the best way to keep your atomizer clean after each session. The more you clean your device, the fresher your vapor will be and the longer your vaporizer’s chamber will last. The slow buildup of gunk can block airflow, prevent the coil from doing its thing, and mess with the electric connections between the battery and the atomizer.

For more vape pen tips check out the FAQs on our Best Vape Pens list.

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